Cora sisters, Pine, Hazel, and Marcona live an adventurous life on Ethereum Blockchain. When Pine's fiance was found dead and the police closed the case without an investigation, Cora sisters took the matter into their own hands. The city they knew will never be the same as they uncover the dirty secrets of its citizens. 


Surviving a very dark and devastating emotional state of mind Cora sisters are now building a community to empower its members to become their own heroes to fight together the hardships life throws at us. 


Hazel is a fashion designer and owns a small clothing store. She is exceptionally clever and can talk her way out of anything. As a very artistic creature, she finds inspiration through personal experience, experimenting with spirituality and sexuality.


Marcona is a fantastic chef at a small restaurant, very strong and athletic. She is gay and has been in a relationship with her school sweetheart since they were 14. 

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Pine is a journalist, very brave, and won't stop until she finds the truth. She was getting ready to marry when her fiance passed away under suspicious circumstances. She can't move on and pursue a new relationship until she gets closure.   

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What is CryptoCora?

CryptoCora is a story-driven community about Cora sisters. Cora story is told in a comic book of 10 chapters. Each chapter brings us closer to discovering the truth about the devastating death of Pine Cora's fiance, and how wicked their city (CoraVerse) is. 
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Crypto Cora allows you to BUILD YOUR OWN CHARACTER!
Once you picked your desired character you have over 900 traits to customize it with. The earlier you mint the more chance you have to mint exactly what you want. 

Mint Shedule

PHASE 1 (24 NFTs)

All free NFT had been claimed 
by our first loyal supporters




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Once all Coras are created by the community, the team will start converting them into Avatars. Each NFT will be created with its own style that will be transformed into a custom avatar. 

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Fungea is a browser-based role-playing game on Ethereum.

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