A story-driven community with 9,999 NFTs designed by its members, building a world where everyone can be their own hero. 


CryptoCora is a story about Cora sisters who live an adventurous life on the Ethereum Blockchain. When Pine’s fiance was found dead and the police closed the case without an investigation, Cora sisters took the matter into their own hands. The City they knew will never be the same as they uncover the dirty secrets of its citizens. 


Who is Cora Community for?


For everyone who doesn’t want to be alone. For everyone who is struggling and trying to make sense of this life. We all need support especially when we are the most vulnerable. 


What does “Cora” mean?


Cora means daughter in Greek. Cora is the last name of our sisters, and their first names are the names of nut trees: Pine, Marcona, and Hazel. 



The development of Cora story will be released in 10 chapters of a comic book. Each chapter introduces a new character and brings us closer to discovering the truth. 


How to accomplish short-term goals?


The Cora team consists of film industry professionals who create and tell stories every day, based in Hollywood. The short-term goal is easy to accomplish within our team and one NFT collection with a low price. 




Bringing the community together in the CoraVerse, a digital world where everyone can be their favorite character. 


Each character will be developed in avatars with fun outfits for the community to show off their style. 


CoraVerse will give the beginning of CoraFashion. A fashion brand that is born inside of the digital world designed by an NFT character. 

How to accomplish long-term goals?

The long-term goal will require more finding and additional team members. Developing Cora story and releasing a new NFT character with each comic chapter will provide more funding for building CoraVerse and developing avatars. Our dream team is already identified from the best film, gaming, and VR industry professionals. We have consulted our future dream team to identify realistic goals based on where the technology is now, what the potential and how realistic our goals are. 


Why CoraFashion is an important part of Cora world?


Coming out of the depression I have noticed my closet turned into a dark hole filled with sadness, desperation, and a constant reminder of a place I never want to go back to. That is when I turned my closet into a rainbow filled with happiness and fun. Just colorful clothes weren’t a solution but they made me the strength I needed to fight my way back to life. 


It is important to have the ability to represent yourself even in a digital world. With NFTs and VR getting bigger every day I believe a clothing brand can immerge from inside the digital space. Clothing that is not a hoody or a T-shirt with an NFT logo, but a full brand of clothing that Cora Sisters would wear. CoraFashion is allegedly designed by one of the Cora sisters - Hazel and will soon become the first clothing brand emerging from the NFT space. One day I hope it will find a way to a real world where we all can enjoy Cora style. 



While we are pursuing the short-term goals the community benefit from:

   • Creating their own NFT. Each NFT is access to the future avatar with attributes it was minted with.   

      This will create a strong bond between the community and their avatars. 

   • Access to Cora comic book. 


When we achieve the long-term goals the community will benefit from:

   • Access to their avatars in CoraVerse

   • CoraFashion to buy and sell avatar’s outfits (skins)

   • Quests inspired by Cora’s story so each member can become their own hero. 

   • CoraVerse decorating for holidays (as a community we will vote together on what holidays to 



Commercial rights


Once the Cora brand is established, as a community we will create guidelines for commercial rights that is the best represent Cora brand.